Bassoon Song: Websites by Joel

Expertise: Web Design, Development, and More

  • Custom web design
    I try to find the design that suits you!
  • Designs to fit your budget
    Full featured custom-built sites, or sites built with content management systems.
  • Copy writing
    Clear, concise, descriptive text for the engine results you want (SEO).
  • Email campaigns
    Writing, designing, and mailing e-newsletters and marketing mailings.
  • Web-based applications
    Surveys, registration, databases, all with open-source technologies.
  • Graphic design
    Design for print, including flyers, posters, brochures, and publications.

Take a look at my portfolio for examples of any of the the above.

Experience: About the Designer

About the Designer/Developer

Joel Kleinbaum is a Portland, Oregon-based web designer and developer with over 15 years of experience. Joel has experience with technologies from the simple html of the early days to the frameworks and responsive and mobile-friendly designs of today.

For most of the last 15 years, Joel has handled all aspects of the websites for Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc., including developing two websites, redesigning each of them several times, staying current on emerging technologies, and developing web-based applications to support the mission and products of the company. He developed and managed the email newsletter and email marketing for Barnes & Conti, and developed an app for iOS (also compiled for Android) as well.

Joel has also worked with a small number of private clients, handling all aspects of their websites as well. Joel loves to work with small businesses, artists, artisans, musicians, and non-profit organizations. He partners with his clients, writing copy, taking photographs, developing logos, and more, all toward the end of having a website that expresses the client’s work or business and gets good search results too.

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