Bassoon Song: Websites by Joel

Websites Designed and/or Implemented

I currently manage three websites which I have also designed or implemented. I manage a considerable amount of the content as well: writing, editing, optimizing images and more.

  • Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
  • Oregon Suzuki Institute
  • When Your Voice Means Business
  • Rocklin Jewelry
  • Garden of Eden Stores

Barnes & Conti Associates Inc.

I implemented this most recent design from wireframes, designs, and requirements submitted by the Barnes & Conti marketing team. The site provides a visually rich user experience using jQuery.

Barnes & Conti

Other highlights on this site include:

Oregon Suzuki Institute

I redesigned this website to include photos taken from the Institute.

Oregon Suzuki Institute

Highlights on this site include:

When Your Voice Means Business

My link goes to a page within the site that incorporates brief audio clips from classic films in order to demonstrate bad voice behaviors.

Other highlights on this site include:

Rocklin Jewelry Website

Rocklin Jewelry Website

This website was done in Joomla for a small “bricks and mortar” business of a jewelry designer and retailer. There is still more to come on this site, but it was important to the client to have an online presence—as well as sell the signature Petaluma Farm Bracelet online during the holiday shopping season.

Garden of Eden Stores Website

Garden of Eden Website

Although I turned this website over to a different designer, the old design was very effective for generating web sales. I had written the shopping cart from scratch at a time when few out-of the box shopping carts existed (it was needed to accommodate all the custom scenting options for the store’s private label products).

ASSIST: A Website for a Non-Profit

This website was done to give an existing site a fresh, clean look. The client was a local non-profit with a limited budget. To fit the budget, I kept the site simple and used a basic Joomla template to keep things attractive, mobile friendly, and functional.

Suzuki Portland &
Suzuki Lake Oswego

This is an archive of a site that I managed for several years. I am including it because it incorporates video in the form a slide show on the linked page. The site was turned over to another designer/webmaster at my choice.

Email Marketing and Newsletters

All the pieces were emailed with html and plain text versions. The linked copies are virtually identical to what was emailed.

Barnes & Conti Newsletter

I have been the editor of the Barnes & Conti Newsletter for most of the past 15 years. I took an active role in writing, editing, and otherwise generating the content while working as a vital part of the marketing team.

Barnes & Conti Newsletter

Barnes & Conti News Bulletin

This is a shorter format than the newsletter. It is more of a marketing piece, promoting public offerings, trade shows, and the like. Again, I worked as part of the marketing team to develop the content as well as the design.

Barnes & Conti Targeted Marketing Email

Targeted marketing emails may be sent to all or part of the mailing list, usually by region or country. Once again, I played an active role in developing the content as well.

Barnes & Conti E-invite: Response Page

Book Launch Invitation Response Page

For special marketing events, I reverse engineered part of Evite so we could have our own look, feel, and branding. Invitees were sent a smaller version of the graphic invitation with a customized link to click. The link took invitees to the page that is partly displayed here.

Web Applications

I have extensive experience designing and programming web applications using open-source technologies including PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Two of my most complex applications are listed below:

Influence Assessment Tool

This application collects assessment data from a course participant (self-assessment) and up to seven colleagues. It interprets the data according to the tactic and the behavior model taught in the Exercising Influence class. Thousands of participants and tens of thousands of assessments have been completed through this application.

Influence Assessment Tool

Please contact me if you want to test it.

Online Application:
Oregon Suzuki Institute

This application was designed so parents of participants could enroll their children and families in the Oregon Suzuki Institute. The application process collects information about polished and current pieces that students are playing, sight-reading ability, private teacher information, as well as specific course enrollment, and on campus housing enrollment.

Oregon Suzuki Institute Application

Download a family summary from the end of an application (names are blanked out)

Please contact me to test it.

Exercising Influence Reference

This app was made for participants in Barnes & Conti’s popular Exercising Influence class. It serves as a reference to the skills taught in the class.

These five screen shots are a sample of how the app is structured. The structure follows the model of tactics and behaviors that participants learn during the course.

The screen shots displayed are:

The app is available currently at the iTunes Store

Managing Innovation Reference

This app was built for participants in Barnes & Conti’s Managing Innovation class. It serves as a reference for the concepts and processes taught during the course, particularly the “Innovation Journey” and the “Avatars of Innovation.”

This app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads.

This app is currently available at the iTunes Store

Influence Tactics Menu

Influence Tactics Menu

Sample Tactic: Tell

Sample Tactic: Tell

Part of a Sample Influence Behavior

Influence Behavior: Suggest

Influence Framework Menu

Influence Framework Menu

App Main Menu

Innovation App: Main Menu

Innovation Journey Home Screen

Innovation Journey Home Screen

Sample Phase from the Innovation Journey

Sample Phase from the Innovation Journey

Avatars of Innovation Home Screen

Avatars of Innovation Home Screen

Writing Portfolio

Much of the copy that goes up on the websites I designed and implemented has been edited and written by me.

I have included excerpts of my written articles and blogs below.

Articles and Blog Posts:

Oregon Arts Watch:

Barnes & Conti Blog:

Marketing Flyer: Debussy Revolutionized

Press Release: Chamber Concert

Oregon Arts Watch:

Don Giovanni: The sexy beast in black boxers


Two rows of chairs line the sparse, gray-paneled stage. The characters—when not involved in the action—sit down to watch…or not. An open casket takes center stage. Near the end of the show, one character leaves the casket, and another, lead by a child, takes his place. Is it experimental theater? Avant garde improvisation? No, it’s “Don Giovanni.”

Christopher Alden’s stark, revisionist staging of Mozart’s masterpiece—first unveiled at the New York City Opera in 2009—mustered a chorus of praise from the New York critics...

...Portland Opera presents this highly-acclaimed production beginning on November 2. Yet Portland Opera’s coy silence about Alden’s staging would baffle any knowledgeable opera-goer.

Posted in October, 2012

The Barnes & Conti Blog

Innovation and Influence: Together They Can Make Beautiful Music


Last week I—along with millions of Americans—watched the historic inauguration of President Obama. But as a musician, I received the added bonus of a lovely and moving rendition of John William’s “Air and Simple Gifts.” I have long been a fan of violinist Itzhak Perlman; I also knew of a sensational cellist named Yo-Yo Ma back when he was a student at Harvard. But I was just as moved and impressed by the playing of clarinetist Anthony McGill—and I play clarinet myself!

McGill’s dark, rich tone and and liquid, sensitive playing grabbed my ear from his very first phrase. I knew he played principal clarinet (that’s first chair, for those of you who were in high-school band) with one of the top American Orchestras (Metropolitan Opera, I found out) and also played with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. I had to find out more, not only because he was a great player (perhaps the finest of his generation) but also because—sadly—there are all too few African Americans playing classical music professionally in the U.S.A. Anthony McGill, I think, rose to the top of his profession—not just with an amazing talent—but with the help of innovation and influence...

Posted in January, 2009

The Barnes & Conti Blog

Innovation, Failure, and the Art of Doing Something Badly


In the McKinsey Quarterly’s recent survey “How Companies Approach Innovation,” one of the most—if not the most—often-cited roadblocks to innovation is failure. “…companies discourage talented staff from pursuing innovation by… being risk averse and having no plan for dealing with failure.” Many executives said that “any kind of failure is a significant detriment to career advancement” and a significant number of top mangers said “leaders hinder innovation by maintaining a fear of failure in the organization.” The recent death of the great jazz singer, Jo Stafford, reminded me that failure is not only necessary in innovation, but in rare instances, someone extremely talented can fail right into innovation.

Through the 1940s and the 1950s, Jo Stafford was best known for her rich, warm voice and her laid back, easy, even wistful delivery of jazz standards and big band classics. Stafford was one of a very few jazz vocalists who had classical vocal training, and one of an even smaller number who had “perfect pitch”—the rare ability to identify or find any note without help from an instrument. Yet in the late 1950s, Stafford and her husband, arranger and pianist Paul Weston, recorded a series of albums that were intentionally and deliberately downright awful...

Posted in September, 2008

The Barnes & Conti Blog

Cherpumple: Innovation? Or What?


...The cherpumple—in my not so humble opinion—would not make it through our “Innovation Journey.”* Why not? Because the aim of the innovation journey is to create value. How does the cherpumple rate on the value scale?

First of all, it’s not cheap. The recipe calls for three frozen pies and three cake mixes. And the investment in time is huge. The pies have to cool before being baked in the cake. Then the cakes have to cool before being assembled. If the thing doesn’t collapse, it must make an impressive presentation. But what does it taste like? I sincerely have to ask, can you really take a mouthful that encompasses cherry, apple, and pumpkin—not to mention the cake mixes—all at once? It sounds rather disgusting to me.

Our Managing Innovation program identifies six forms of value that innovation delivers: economic, strategic, social, environmental, aesthetic, and personal. A true innovation will deliver at least one form of value. An innovative Thanksgiving dish, should save time or money (economic), or be less wasteful (environmental), or taste wonderful and look great (aesthetic). The cherpumple, instead of being an innovation, seems to be a celebration of indiscriminate gluttony. Perhaps the “innovation”—if it’s really an innovation at all—of the cherpumple is to solve a family argument regarding the dessert: just have them all together at once in their goopy, gloppy, glory...

Posted in November, 2010

Graphic Design

I’ve had over 15 years of experience as a graphic designer. I produce brochures, posters, flyers, postcards, and more for print. The links below will open a pdf in a new browser tab.

Design for Small Business

Concert Program Booklet (includes ad designs for the Waypost, Ayers Creek Farm, and The Music Studio)

Promotional flyers:


Sample page from a multi-page promotional brochure